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You wore a Band-Aid over your temple. / You’d popped a zit right up against the bathroom mirror. / At the pub you said, 'I was hit with a field hockey stick.'”

—Renee Sarojini Saklikar, Geist 85

“Where you’ll finally be: the plot of land above the hospital / your great-grandad bought in 1925 to house the whole ramshackle lot of you / when you die. ”

—Gillian Wigmore, Geist 100

“The North will fuck you over. / Yes, The North is more beautiful than other places, but maybe you can’t see it. / The North isn’t for or against you.”

—Jeremy Stewart, Geist 93

“Of course, looking back, you would like to reboot / and start over, but there is no over—”

—Steven Heighton, Geist 100

“The Pope has stopped trying to define Canada. He stopped / praying for us when we stopped praying for him. / You have everything you need, he says, you don’t need my help.”

—Christopher Gudgeon, "Canadian Tourister,"

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