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Signs of Life
Signs of Life

Connie Kuhns visits her family home before it's demolished and wonders, does a house that has been home to four generations of one family still hold their electricity?


Kris Rothstein, Geist blogger, reviews a documentary about Laura Dekker, a fourteen-year-old salior who became the world's youngest solo circumnavigator—despite spending a year in court to do so.

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Stephen Osborne
Portraits: Found and Taken
Check out Tim McLaughlin's portrait of Stephen Osborne, publisher of Geist, featured in his new book of photography Portraits: Found and Taken.

The deadline for Canada's favourite writing contest has been extended!

You now have until February 28, 2014 to write your way to literary fame and fortune.

The rules are simple: find or make a postcard, write a story and send them both in. Winning entries are published in Geist. There are $900 in prizes to be won. Enter today.

Get the specifics here.

Portrait of the Winning Team
Portrait of the Winning Team
Get inspired to write your own postcard story with Jane Webster's prize-winning entry to the 4th Annual Postcard Story Contest, in which two newlyweds chicken-fight their relatives without spilling a drop of wine.

Secrets of the City
Secrets of the City
Stephen Osborne discovers that some of the most startling papers in the Vancouver city archives are the letters and diaries of the first archivist himself. Read it online or in Geist 91.

The winter issue of Geist is hot off the press, featuring:

    Stephen Osborne's Secrets of the City
    Jeff Wall on pictures of Osvaldo
    Brian Howell's sidewalk photography
    Alberto Manguel reading Dante's Commedia
    and the National Map of Maladies!

And much more!


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The handy dandy 5-W sentence
“You can’t beat a 5-W sentence for starting a narrative, keeping you going
when you’re stuck, and getting you back on track when you lose your way.”

Read more from "The handy dandy 5-W sentence" by Mary Schendlinger,
Senior Editor of Geist.

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