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The New Year in Geist

“Although I am not a yoga practitioner, I do own a yoga mat, which I purchased a decade or more ago while under the influence of a particularly virulent New Year’s resolution.”

—Michael Hayward,

“I had never seen so many people buying the same books at one time; indeed, I had never seen a book signing that resembled so closely a clearance sale or the lineup at the liquor store on New Year’s Eve.”

—Stephen Osborne, Geist 55

“Then without a word she touches my hand, and in that gesture of grace you are alive again—in this new year, this one more day without you, one more day lost in this world, where there are still days I see your face around a corner, across the street, and rush toward some startled stranger.”

—Evelyn Lau, Geist 73

“One New Year’s Eve, I was just climbing down with a fresh lemon when the neighbours came out to drop plates onto the street, which is what Sardinians did to celebrate the New Year.”

—Julia L. Star, Geist 64

“At Christmas there’s no snow to smooth out the view, but there’s plenty of kin to holler in the New Year.”

—Claudio Gaudio, Geist 90

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