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She's more than just your mother.

Mother liked to embroider. Better than tattoos, she said. Less permanent.”

—Iris Wilde

“Circumstances were such that had I had to move back in with my parents. I was thirty-one. My mother informed me that the position of Son had been filled. 'We promoted the family pet to Offspring,' she said, 'renamed him Bill.'”

—William Farrant

“Sometimes Emily’s mother commented on these people’s conversations, or laughed at their jokes, as if she were part of their group.”

—Sarah Leavitt

“Pangnirtung, my mother once told me, was as far away from her parents, especially her mother, as she could hope to imagine; 'it was like the other side of the moon,' she said.”

—Stephen Osborne

“Your mother took Sciences because she was good at math and Science was the only program her father would pay for but after her second year her uncle got her a job at the Wheat Board and since she could earn real money there, she never went back to school.”

—Patty Osborne

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