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Geist 99 features the weird and wonderful from the world of words, art and photography:

  • Robert Everett-Green's checkered past
  • Lydia Kwa's linguistic tantrums
  • Rita Leistner searches for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan
  • Kayla Czaga and the case of the drunk uncle
  • More questions from Rob Kovitz
  • Stephen Osborne says goodbye to Stephen Harper
  • Women at war by Jen Osborne
  • Notes on the spacetime queertinuum
  • Eve Corbel riding the Bus Without Pity
  • The Footwear Map of Canada
  • Winners of the Short Long-Distance Writing Contest and the 37th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest


Off-beat fiction + non-fiction, comix, poetry, essays and reviews from the usual and unusual suspects.

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