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Geist 105!Geist 106 has arrived! Like the falling leaves reveal bare bark, this issue will expose some buried treasure of the past and the present. This is the second issue that is curated by our inaugural editor-in-residence, Jordan Abel, a Nisga'a poet and author of Injun, which won the prestigious 2017 Griffin Poetry Prize. Unearthed in Geist 106: the winners of the 13th Annual Literal Literary Postcard Contest; a folksinger reflects on love and loss in "Folk Song" by Stephen Smith; Carol Sawyer explores the exclusivity of modernism in The Natalie Brettschneider Archives; Mary Schendlinger shines a light on the under-appreciated Blanche Knopf. Uncover a wealth of art, photography, little known facts of interest and some damn fine writing in Geist 106.

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