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Geist 105! Due to current events, incredulity has reached all-time highs and attention spans have reached all-time lows—it's enough to make anyone go bonkers. But, there's one thing you can count on to wrench you back from the brink of mental disaster: a new issue of Geist. Geist 105 is curated by our inaugural editor-in-residence, Jordan Abel, a Nisga'a poet and author of Injun, which won the prestigious 2017 Griffin Poetry Prize. Also featured in Geist 105: Evelyn Lau reflects on visceral heartbreak in "Paradise"; a philosophy student slogs through a summer of hard labour in "Shack Stories" by Andrew Boden; and Michel Huneault and Sarah R. Champagne document the economics of immigration with stills from their immersive video project, "Unwrapping Diasporas." Geist 105 will infuse your day with much-needed levity through art, photography and some damn fine writing.

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