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Geist 103!

Geist 103, our winter issue, features the weird and wonderful from the world of words, art and photography:

  • Terence Byrnes' photographic memoir of black and white in America’s unhappiest city
  • Winners of the Can't Lit Without It CanLit Short Story Contest
  • Evelyn Lau navigates nervous tics and the Home Depot flooring aisle
  • Burnt forest photography by Brian Howell
  • Michał Kozłowski reports on the sights and sounds of Parliament Hill—Velveeta, pansy shoes and Hunter S. Thompson
  • Mary Schendlinger goes on a London Library caper
  • Sky Gilbert attends a bisexual support group
  • Christopher Gudgeon decorates Milton Acorn's hair with eagle feathers
  • Eva H.D. on thinking about the Toronto Maple Leafs in bed
  • One Great Country! The Weakerthans Map of Canada


Fact + fiction, comix, poetry, essays and reviews from the usual and unusual suspects.

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