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How It Began
How It Began

Evelyn Lau, Vancouver Poet Laureate, writes four poems about vulnerable loneliness, escape routes and the threat of something when nothing happens.

Mark Halpern and Geist in Antarctica
Geist Photo Contest
Take a creative photo of Geist 91—with or without you—for a chance to win a special Geist prize pack! Tweet us your photos or email to enter by 1PM on January 29. Winner will be featured in next week's newsletter.

Join Geist on January 26 for Ryeberg Live—a performance event featuring Zsuzsi Gartner, Geist contributor, as well as other award-winning writers, artists and their favourite YouTube videos—courtesy of the PuSh Festival and Ryeberg Curated Video.

The event will be held at Club PuSh in Performance Works Theatre and begins at 7PM—but why not come early, have some drinks and visit the Geist table for exclusive offers?

Go here for more info about the event.

The World Afloat by M.A.C. Farrant
75 "Miniatures" From M.A.C. Farrant
Check out The World Afloat—a new collection of seventy-five pieces of micro-fiction—by M.A.C. Farrant, Geist author.

Sweet Affliction by Anna Leventhal
New Book by Anna Leventhal
Invisible Publishing presents Sweet Affliction, a new book by Anna Leventhal, Geist author. Read her short story by the same name, originally published in Geist 77.

The deadline for Canada's favourite writing contest is fast approaching—enter today for your chance at literary fame and fortune!

The rules are simple: find or make a postcard, write a story and send them both in.

$900 in prizes to be won. Winners are published in Geist! The deadline is February 1, 2014.

Get the specifics here.

First place winner
Do You Recognize Me Without My Tomahawk?
Announcing Karen Kachra's first prize-winning entry to this year's Erasure Poetry Contest, featuring blankets and boxes and bags of bitter money.

One of two second place winners
Your Indian Blanket
Read one of two second prize-winning entries to this year's Erasure Poetry Contest by Gail Perry, where blankets are woven from ground psalms / and iniquity.

The Winter Issue of Geist is hot off the press, featuring:

    Stephen Osborne's Secrets of the City
    Jeff Wall on pictures of Osvaldo
    Brian Howell's sidewalk photography
    Alberto Manguel reading Dante's Commedia
    and the National Map of Maladies!

And much more!


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Beware of Getting Involved
“To get involved with involved is to set foot on a slippery slope.”

Read more from "Beware of getting involved" by Mary Schendlinger,
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